Nilly's Diary

Monday, April 26, 2010

Phone Post

Good morning
I have been away for quite some time now and would like to apologize
upfront for any miss-spellings because I'm making this
post using my iPhone and I'll tell why latter in the post.
Let's begin where I last left.....Dubai. I LOVED this city
and Husam did as well. We had so much fun and went too many places,
Dubai mall, Dubai marina walk, Atlantis, al-ain city,
emartis mall, and wondering around the city either walking or
with the driver. It was a short trip but sure was relaxing, alhamdulellah.
After we came back I get busy again with my parents. Going out sightseeing,
shopping, and hanging out with them. I have pictures for all this but I need
to check if I can post through the iPhone.
Life went back to normal after mom and dad left. Kids, school, exercise,
and friends.
My oldest daughter Farah turned 16 on the 19th of this month.
Alhamdulellah she had a nice one :). Her friends came home
and we all sang her happy birthday, gave her the presents, and then
I drove all of them to the resturant where I made reservation
for them to have dinner (it's so hard to type with this
tiny keyboard ;))
my friend called me while I was making this post, so I need
to go get ready to leave. I'll continue latter.