Nilly's Diary

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

I am back, and inshallah I will be posting more regularly because I will have a regular routine since I will be working. YES, I got a job, el7amdulellah.
I moved back to the states last month. We left Lebanon on the 11th of June and went to Amman. The move was smooth and easy, El7amdulellah. My hubby stayed in Amman for a day and left the next day. He wanted to go ahead of us so he can find a place to live and buy a car. I stayed 10 days in Amman after him and it was OK. I got to meet my cousins, attended a party, and best part was that my brother Fadi and his wife came all the way from Kuwait one day before our leave to say goodbye. We got to spend some good time together.
The trip back was SO easy, el7amdulellah. I was worried that Kareem will have hard time in the plane staying in one place for 14 hours, but there was a family with a big number of kids that he made friends with them and stayed with them most of the time…LOL
We got a big house, mashallah, and bought a VW van. Things happened very easily and we had the house furnished in no time, el7amdulellah. I have to keep thanking because I have been blessed from Allah SWT with too many things.
I will start my new job on Friday, YAY. I am so excited that my life is going back to normal. You know, I have been working all my life and those past two years that I stayed in Lebanon are the only time off that I had since I graduated from college. So now I am back into the employees’ world and I know I function a lot better when I am in it.
That’s a summary of my past days. Inshallah, I will be posting more often now :)

Bye for now