Nilly's Diary

Monday, November 8, 2010

The past few days...

Oct/31: it was Halloween. Kareem’s school had a Halloween party for the kids so I took two hours off of work and went to be with him, since dad is not here and I didn’t want him to feel alone seeing all the kids with their parents.
Nov/2: Kareem’s Birthday. I took him after work to pick up a gift and he chose Iron Man. We successfully made the transfer form spider man to iron man :D
Nov/3: left work early went to wal-mart and bought Kareem cup-cakes to celebrate with his classmates. It was nice and he was SO happy.
Nov/5: my best girl friend Reham came for a visit in the evening with her kids which are the same age as mine. I bought cookie cake – YUM—and we celebrated Kareem’s birthday one more time. He felt so special :)
Nov/7: I was invited for breakfast at one of my girl friends’ house. It was lovely feminine get-together and food was out of this world.
In between these days all I had was work, gym, kids, arguments with my two-teenage daughters, trying to keep my life organized and keep up with due times and dates…isn’t that fun!! How was your past few days…!

I’ll leave you with some pictures :)

Kareem sleeping with his new toys :)

Zuzu at the Halloween party

in the kitchen while I was backing cookies

My big Guy

The 2ns B-day party at home with our friends

The cookies cake (I don't know why it wouldn't rotate)

The cookies I baked
Love ~