Nilly's Diary

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Before and After

Since my husband is away, I had to fix many things around the house. I am a handy person, I will fix small thing. But I never thought that I will be Nilly the handy man ;) I fixed our house mail box by replacing the lock and installing a new one. I also repaired Kareem's bike wheel. I retrieved two dead birds from my dryer. Notice that all these project require assemble and dissemble but il 7amdellah, I did it :D
Last week one of my colleagues wanted to sell two chairs, Louise style. The chairs were very pretty, and in excellent condition. The only problem was that the upholstery doesn’t match my furniture. I ended up buying the chairs, and guess what I did!! I changed the fabric all by myself. So now with all the things that I learned to do, I can also change upholstery. Anyone needs a handy woman!! :)
I have two quotes relevant to this:
The best man for the job is a woman.
Women can do anything men can and while they are wearing heels.
I will leave you with the pictures.


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