Nilly's Diary

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Break


The winter break started on 12/23/09 and lasted until 1/4/10. Of course we went on a road trip to Amman. It was a great vacation, lots of fun and visits and of course arguments :( but we survived, alhamdulellah.
The weather was awesome at that time, warm and sunny. The best thing that I liked about this particular visit is that I got to meet one of Husam’s friends wife. She is a very sweet lady, originally from Sudan (she has a light skin color, a little darker than mine). We met once at our favorite coffee shop “tche tche”. But then I met her and got to know her better when I went by my self. I’ll talk about that trip in separate post.
We came home on 1/2, that was a Sat. life after that went back to normal. Kids are back to school, and I am back to my routine at home and my morning coffee with my neighbor, Jackline. Although I like vacations and un-ordinary day(s) but I also LOVE routine, what about you?
Take care..