Nilly's Diary

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I have been TAGGED :)

I was taged by the lovely mamamona to give 7 things about me and here I go:

1. I LOVE winter and I do so much baking when it’s cold and rainy
2. I like to decorate, arrange and re-arrange my house.
3. Since I knew Facebook I became an addict.
4. This is my first blog. I started few months ago. I am not a dedicated blogger like most of you but I am trying :)
5. I am 5’9” and always wished to be petite.
6. I am a first born and the only daughter among three brothers
7. I love big purses, accesorise and makeup

I tag Susu  in Mom in Pink Hijab since she is not included in the circle of tages ;)