Nilly's Diary

Monday, March 1, 2010

Last week..

After I wrote last time I got hit so badly with flu. This is my second time this year. The worst part is that it was combined with sinus infection. But Alhamdulillah, I’m all better now. Last week I met with my girl friends and went out for lunch and argileh. The food was so delicious, and the argileh too. I love it in lemon and mint flavor. I had a great time with them.
Wednesday I cooked lasagna, everybody loved it. I love the lasagna sheets that you don’t need pre-cook or boil. It makes making lasagna a blast.
Husam and I will be leaving to Dubai on the beginning of April. My brother is taking care of preparing the visas and the paper work. Mom and dad will come to stay with the kids while we’re away. I love my mom and dad they are awesome.
I went with the kids for a walk around the house and I took some pictures. It was refreshing and a great way to bond with them.
That’s it for me, it turned out that I didn’t have as much as I thought….lol :)