Nilly's Diary

Monday, February 15, 2010


Today I cooked an Egyptian dish called Koshari. I got the recipe from my good friend Suzan. It turned out very delicious; Husam and the kids loved it. Thanks Suzan and looking forward to more recipes. Since I now can upload pictures here is how my dish turned out.

My brother Fadi who lives in Kuwait called this evening and he told me that he reserved two tickets and hotel reservation for me and Husam as a gift to go visit Dubai :) We will go in April during the Easter break. I am SO excited, can’t wait for April to come. Thanks Fadi, I love you.
I have a busy schedule tomorrow. First, I have to drop Husam and the kids and then a meeting with the girls’ school Principal Mr. Vessle, to tell him about the girls’ early leave. After that I am going to visit my good friend Loodi. This will be the best part of my day. She is a very nice lady from Syria married to Jordanian guy who is a professor with Husam. She is very cheerful and take-it-easy kind of person. I like to be around such people because they keep reminding me that life is easy.

I did an extra ordinary job today posting twice ;) I loved it especially that now I can upload pictures so I will go back to all my previous posts where I promised to post pics and I’ll have them there, how about that!!

Good night