Nilly's Diary

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cookies and more

Last week I made Brazek. It is an Arabic cookies covered with sesame. I got the recipe from my good friend Suzan. We all loved them and they didn’t last for more than few hours … lol

my homemade Brazek

On Monday, the girls were out of school for teacher’s day. Kareem’s day off was scheduled on Tuesday so we made a mother-daughters bonding day and took the bus to Beirut. The girls were so excited since this is their first time to ride the bus. We had breakfast out, did some shopping, ate lunch, more shopping, smoothies and ice-cream, and more shopping :D

Farah & Nour

It was great and we all needed that girls alone time without our two annoying boys ;)

We received the tickets to Dubai. We’ll be leaving on April 2nd and come back of the fifth, can’t wait.

The weather here is so hot and dusty, so bad. Makes me feel that my skin is clogged and I need to shower and wash my hands every minute, not nice!!
Hope you all are having a great week so far.
That’s it for me, off I go…