Nilly's Diary

Monday, March 29, 2010

Finals….again :(

Finals for the second term have started at my girls’ school. It is hard and intense time for me but not for them :$ I usually don’t work with the two oldest unless they want me to help them memorize stuff, but my work with them is REMINDING which is a tough task. I have to keep following them; Are you done, do you need help, did you finish all the material, go to bed early, etc, etc, etc… yet, I have to study with Zayna. I usually do English, Arabic, SS, and H. does the math and science. Now the BIG challenge is to keep Kareem busy while we are doing work with Zayan. He will want to have and do whatever she is doing….lol

We got the visas for Dubai, YAY. However, we will not be leaving the first week of April; we will be leaving the second week. The reason is; my brother’s friend is getting engaged in Amman so he and his wife are flying from Kuwait to attend the party so I found it not fair to make my mom come to stay with the kids while her son (my brother) is coming to Amman and she won’t be able to see him. So I decided that we can go the week after and this way mom can attend the party and see Fadi, and also me and H. can spend the spring break with the kiddos and do some sightseeing in Lebanon. Inshallah this will be for everyone’s good, ameen.

I have been reading all your posts my dear readers but I do that on my iphone when I lay in my bed to sleep. I love reading all your posts. I will try to go over them again and leave a comment because there is a lot to be said in some of them.

I am back on the jogging schedule since the weather permits now. It de-stresses me and helps me focus.

I have a lot of work to finish today, but ZERO desire to start anything… help me god.

I hope your days are off to a good start.