Nilly's Diary

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good morning and have a nice day :)

As I mentioned in my last post, kids have started school last Thursday. It was a good start, Al7amdulellah. Farah is going to 11th grade, Nour is 8th grade, Zayna is 3rd, and little prince Kareem is going to Bubbles Day Care :D
Everything is organized now and life is back to the status that I like, routine.
I stopped the cleaning girl that used to come to clean my house. She wasn't doing a good job. So, I will try to add some chores into my schedule and the girls as well, let’s see how that works. Ramadan has been going pretty well around our house. Husam is helping me a lot with preparing the meals and adding some of his own touches around our daily menu :)
This week end was busy but full of fun. Friday night we had a pot-luck Iftar with our friends at our house. It was a very nice evening. Me, H., the kids had good time.
On Sturday, we had one of H. friends and his family for Iftar. It was nice, but they have babies so it wasn’t the best time for them though. When I see mothers and families with small babies I thank Allah that mine are all grown up ;)
I need to start thinking about Eid shopping for me and the kids. Talking about shopping I went to the mall this weekend and got some nice things for my house. The girls got hoodies since the weather is getting chillier in the morning. Here is Nour trying the hoody that she ended up buying.

Last night, we had one of our friends’ daughter’s who is studying Journalism at the university. She is writing an article about Ramadan and wanted to observe a Muslim family during Ramadan, and she picked us :)
It was pretty good and a new experience. She went and interviewed each one of us and then she broke her fast with us and took some pictures. I will post that article as soon as it’s published. We will be famous :D
Off I go….LOVE