Nilly's Diary

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day note :)

Yesterday was Mother's day here in the states. My girls have pampered me with treats. My oldest, Farah booked me for a surprise massage session. She'd told me that she has a meeting in school and we have to pick her friend from some place and that place ended up being the massage center. It was a lovely surprise. My second daughter, Nour fixed me breakfast. Her's was a shock for me because among all her siblings, she's the least to show affection!! but I was so happy to realize that she actually loves me ;)
Now my third daughter Zayna, wrote me tons of love notes and mother's day wishes but this one was the best of all.
 " I hope you can live till your 1000000000000 and still look young "
Now that's a girl that knows her's all about looking

 I hope all of you are well. I missed you!!