Nilly's Diary

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flu Season

Last week we all have been hit by the flu virus. It’s nasty and hard to deal with especially when you have everyone along with yourself with fever and body aches :( that’s why I couldn’t post anything. Alhamdulillah, things have started to get better slowly but gradually.

Eid Aladha is next week inshallah, I am so excited because my parents and my brother are coming from Amman along with my other brother who is coming with his wife from Kuwait. They all are coming to spend the Eid with us so it’s going to be like a family reunion, can’t wait. Consequently it means a lot of work on my side, cleaning, shopping for Eid clothes which I haven’t done it for any of the kids. I do have some few things for Zayna and Kareem but I know for sure that I need to shop for P.Js for all four and some more stuff. I also need to buy boots for myself but I will not be looking for long neck boots, I will try the short ones this year it’s the first time I am going to wear this design but I thought since I don’t wear short skirts nor dresses why to buy the long ones plus they have very cool and stylish designs for the short neck boots. I will let you know the result for that adventure and I will probably post some pictures as well. Also Eid dates cookies or as we call it “Ma3mool Betamer” and chocolate are still not ready so another reason to shop :)

I hope it’s going to be a happy Eid for our Muslim nation inshallah.

Take care,