Nilly's Diary

Monday, February 15, 2010

B-day Girl..

The 4th of this month was Nour’s birthday. She turned 13. She requested to invite 6 if her friends over for a small party and for me, Husam, Zayna, and Kareem to leave the house and leave her, her sister and both of their friends to party, and off we went. The menu that she wanted was: Pizza (I made margarita and chicken), hotdogs, chicken nuggets, chips, and cake.

Since we were kicked out of the house, we took the little ones to a park in Jounieh. I also asked Husam to drive me to a shopping area called Kaslik so I can look for a black long cardigan. I bought a very cute shirt with lots and lots sequins from Zara but I need to wear something over it to cover up the arms. I went to Bershka since I saw something similar to what I was looking for but the fabric was so thin that you can see through it. I have to go for another look-up trip to find my request. I am thinking H&M might have what I am looking for which means a trip to Beirut …YAY.
Again for the 576 time, I will try to upload pics from Nour’s b-day and I really really hope that it’ll work this time.